The Road that curved!

Walking along the bottom of the hill,
Walking along the curve!

My footsteps played the perfect beat,
To the music of the earth,

My hands they touched the gentle leaves,
The dew drops they let go,

The wind, on cue, blew on my face,
So cold, but I wanted more!

The clouds they were just perfect,
Their color lighter then grey.

The sun din't feel like coming out
Yet the birds they sang their cheerful song!

So fresh I thought, and wonderful!
So cool, and Oh, so beautiful!

The next step I took changed a lot, 
The image I had was quickly lost!!

The ditch was covered with dirt and mud,
My shoes were a complete mess.

But that was not the problem here, 
My hands, they broke my fall!

The wind, it blew harder now,
with dust and dirt, it hit my face!

The cloud seemed to want to cry,
Dark and grey they were!

The sun will never come out now,
and where were the birds that sang?

Hard luck I thought, and horrible!
So cold, and oh so terrible!

The next step I took changed a lot, 
This image too I had lost!!

I thought I fell from my walk,
When on the floor I woke up all!

Still stuck at home near my bed!
I sat up straight and wondered, what the hell!

When will I Walk along the bottom of the hill!
When will I walk along the curve again!?

This post is inspired from Discovers Writing prompts!
Inspiration for Day 8: CURVE

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©2020 Anish Nair | All rights reserved


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