Her New Phase!

I struggle to see, my eyelids are heavy, I listen to a punishing noise, a far away cry. No one, nothing, all around. Deafening silence, as far as the distant sky, only loneliness! The blackness of night falls, upon this empty space, as the moon wraps its shadow like a blanket of sorrow! Where are … Continue reading Her New Phase!


I am War!

I ask serious questions of your existence, you just don't seem to show resistance, I enjoy this hour, you call yourself superpower? I command you! Maintain Social Distance!! Picture Courtesy: Pexels This post is inspired from Discovers Writing prompt for the month of April! Inspiration for Day 17 : DISTANCE Click on each link below … Continue reading I am War!

Mortal Mourning!

Feel the Wind blowing, Watching the trees swaying, There is no crowd, There is no noise, Everything, it slowly destroys! Invisible eyes, behind closed doors, It searches to settle scores. Scared and hungry, State and Country. Show me the Super Powers, New graves covered with flowers, Show me the rich, Crawling inch-by-inch. Do you still … Continue reading Mortal Mourning!