Four fast years!

The day I saw your eyes
changed my life forever
I tied a sacred knot
and we became one, together!

The journey to the north
the nights by the river
the days went by so fast
and the nights lasted forever!

Even with miles between us
Even sometimes estranged,
the beautiful souls and hearts 
unchanged together remained!

As we started the next chapter
A whole new person entered
this story has the missing piece
a bundle of joy, never-ending energy!

I am yours and you will be mine
Like a coin in a fountain
Age makes better wine,
and we are four years and counting!

Author’s Note:
A little poem to celebrate my fourth anniversary with the love of my life! Moments to cherish, memories to hold. I hope it keeps continuing forever and ever more.

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Β©2020 Anish Nair | All rights reserved


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