Back to Everyday!

Wind in my hair,
Hands on the wheel,
Empty roads and a little prayer.
A beautiful feel!

Danger at an arms length
changing gears and modes
mind full of strength
clear the dust, clean codes!

Time standing still,
escape the feeling of four walls,
slowly crossing the hill,
all the calls, sleep recalls!

Nine to five unbelievable strife,
And yet it feels so good to celebrate life!

Author’s Note:
Stepping out of my house, into my car for a short trip to the office and back. The 14-kilometre ride, the empty roads, the wind, enjoyable as ever. Social distancing was the new norm. The pace of life had to change – the lazy afternoon needed awakening, slowly I was getting back to where I needed to be. Though there were times when clocks felt like they stopped, it still felt different. A small celebration in this static world.

This post is in response to Sue’s Daily word prompt for the month of May!
Word for the 5th of May: CELEBRATE

Image Courtesy: Pexels

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Day 28: FOCUS – Out of Focus!
Day 29: LIST – Home Sweet Home!
Day 30: GRATEFUL – Gratitude!

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22 thoughts on “Back to Everyday!

  1. Stunning!πŸ’• Though i haven’t stepped out of my home yet but i can imagine going out after so long will feel exhilarating… dangerous yet sense of freedom.🌞

    Liked by 1 person

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