The tear drop!

Silver Moonlight fades into darkness lightning flashes, like the tear drop on your crystal clear crimson face! (17 words) Author's Note:This little Haiku was written in response to the Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writting Prompt #157. The challenge was to write a poem or piece of prose using the word “Fade” (or any of its forms) … Continue reading The tear drop!


The Fantastic Five!

The Mother of life,It has died yet, but we her childrenare ready for her funeral!The quencher of thirstThe giver of life, She is saddened,Slowly loosing her way!Fire burning deep inside,Heating the energy for life to existwith vengeance she burns!The trees wave in the breezethey flew away as far as their wings carriedshe was now an … Continue reading The Fantastic Five!

In Blindsight!

A brief history of time, in blindsight, the theory of everything, beyond illusion and doubt! Note: This is my first attempt at book-spine poetry! The concept explains the idea of my previous post in a, somewhat, larger scale! This post is inspired from Discovers Writing prompt for the month of April! Inspiration for Day 14 … Continue reading In Blindsight!


Thoughts in your head, again and again, always failing to realize, Memories are your books! You speak like you know, again and again, always failing to realize, your words are the chalk! Every Opportunity, again and again, always failing to realize, will be your eraser! Everything you do, again and again, always failing to realize, … Continue reading Realize