Her New Phase!

I struggle to see, my eyelids are heavy, I listen to a punishing noise, a far away cry. No one, nothing, all around. Deafening silence, as far as the distant sky, only loneliness! The blackness of night falls, upon this empty space, as the moon wraps its shadow like a blanket of sorrow! Where are … Continue reading Her New Phase!


50 Followers! 50 Friends! Thank you all!

March 23rd, this year, I rekindled started my blog. I had 2 posts before that and no followers. Now, just about 23 days later, I have a family! Yes, I have you guys! 50 friends! 50 Followers on WordPress! I am taking this opportunity to express my gratitude to all of you! Thank you all … Continue reading 50 Followers! 50 Friends! Thank you all!