I’m Back!

It's been a year, time flies fast Immersed in the flow of the clock How to stop? How to think? Was lost in a timeless mind block! The world was limping, injured and lost livelihood the only aim, the wound became a scar. Dangers luring as I travel Unknown to sorrows that lay afar! And … Continue reading I’m Back!

Multiple Heartbreaks!

In time I have come to know, That life is a roller coaster, Crawling away from body blows, You know you'll never be the master! Black roses are sweet for sure, The love your shown is always fake, In hatred and darkness you'll live forever, That's the consequence of Multiple heartbreaks! Wake up in a … Continue reading Multiple Heartbreaks!


A cool summer breeze, a cold rainy night, seasons will change, Laugh but beware, Cry and then cheer up, The pattern always repeats! (23 words) Author's Note:This was written in response to the Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writting Prompt #160. The challenge was to write a poem or piece of prose using the word “Kaleidoscope” (or … Continue reading Kaleidoscope!