Four fast years!

The day I saw your eyes changed my life forever I tied a sacred knot and we became one, together! The journey to the north the nights by the river the days went by so fast and the nights lasted forever! Even with miles between us Even sometimes estranged, the beautiful souls and hearts unchanged … Continue reading Four fast years!

My Superhero!

A military captain, so brave and bold, weathering war, everything she controls. Early hours and late nights, her own stories untold A hand to hold, for dejected souls. Soothing hearts with her caring touch Guardian Angel, leading the line, pain is lost in her sweet gentle voice, fighting danger, she deserves a shrine. Alone she … Continue reading My Superhero!

Aroma of the wind

The sky of the dawn, purple hue of the night, heart of the desert, Fragrance of light! Notes of citrus, being yourself, loving, after hours, dreaming! Follow your instincts, brave adventure, elegant, Seizes the day, confident! Dark wood, determination, Blue ocean, Night mist, personality, celebration! Picture Courtesy: PexelsNote: Each line in the poem is my … Continue reading Aroma of the wind

A Delicate Instrument

The Conductor, the nerves and its tendons, the tune, its intelligence! The dance of harmony they create! Deciding the beginning and the end, the start and the stop, the perfect coalesce, maintain the balance! The strings they pull, muscles will work, The dance of joints, The movement of music across the veins. Together like impulses … Continue reading A Delicate Instrument