A Joke

He laid out his soldiers and wanted them to be steady, All his heroes and guns were set and ready, In his world, he knew Victory will truly shine through, And then his mother called, "Son, your dinners ready!" This post is inspired from Discovers Writing prompts! Just thought I'll give it a shot! Inspiration … Continue reading A Joke


Six Word Story Prompt #02

IN RESPONSE TO - Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #31 – March 28, 2020 - FAKE - Demons sleep, children go to bed! Note: Do you remember how your parents put you to sleep when you made life difficult for them in those odd nights?. Fake Ghosts would haunt you until you close your eyes or … Continue reading Six Word Story Prompt #02

Reckoning of time

Look into your reflection,Why do you stand?What do you seek?How different are you?The sun comes up like always,The planet crosses to the far side,There are no dates, no ways,No calendar to guide,The trees, the rivers and the oceans,They are all aware of time,What good do you think are emotions?Do you think they'll fall in line? … Continue reading Reckoning of time