Suffocating Styrene!

Before daybreak, hesitant sunshine, Thursday morning, there was no sign. Impending danger, broken peace, Silent sirens, tardily release! Innocent sleep, unknowing souls, slowly crawling, the wind, it blows! Under the skin, Colorless killer, undetected criminal, stand and shiver! Heart beats faster, everything is heavy. where do you run, unseen enemy? Calm beaches, beautiful sand, city … Continue reading Suffocating Styrene!

Back to Everyday!

Wind in my hair, Hands on the wheel, Empty roads and a little prayer. A beautiful feel! Danger at an arms length changing gears and modes mind full of strength clear the dust, clean codes! Time standing still, escape the feeling of four walls, slowly crossing the hill, all the calls, sleep recalls! Nine to … Continue reading Back to Everyday!