Back to Everyday!

Wind in my hair, Hands on the wheel, Empty roads and a little prayer. A beautiful feel! Danger at an arms length changing gears and modes mind full of strength clear the dust, clean codes! Time standing still, escape the feeling of four walls, slowly crossing the hill, all the calls, sleep recalls! Nine to … Continue reading Back to Everyday!


Out of Focus!

I looked my best todaymy leaves of new and flowers of beautyand yet I stand aloneBlurred and behind your true lovemy lovely smile always and forever hidden Image Courtesy: Freepik This post is inspired from Discovers Writing prompt for the month of April! Inspiration for Day 28: FOCUS Click on each link below to see … Continue reading Out of Focus!

The Fantastic Five!

The Mother of life,It has died yet, but we her childrenare ready for her funeral!The quencher of thirstThe giver of life, She is saddened,Slowly loosing her way!Fire burning deep inside,Heating the energy for life to existwith vengeance she burns!The trees wave in the breezethey flew away as far as their wings carriedshe was now an … Continue reading The Fantastic Five!