You Always Speak

The sounds of anger, the sounds of revenge,
the sounds of patience, the sounds of love!

They create the music, that is not your type
and you still move like its in your mind!

The sounds, they sometimes seem too far,
sometimes, you know who they are!

The sounds they sometimes feel too close
and yet you struggle you don't know why!

The sounds they tell "I need to stop!"
when you're running towards the light!

The sounds they tell "Go on! Don't look back!"
and you stop to listen and admire!

The sounds they tell you, they are in love,
and somehow you know they are messed up!

The sounds they tell you "It's over and out"
No, you still keep hanging on!

The sounds they know you always hear
in the cold winter, in sun and rain!

You're sure you always hear them speak
beneath the leaves, beneath the snow!

They really sound so loud and clear
that's only because they come from down below!  

This post is inspired from Discovers Writing prompts!
Inspiration for Day 7: BELOW

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©2020 Anish Nair | All rights reserved


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