A blind Man!

I'm a blind man, the world is reduced to smudges!
Distorted and rippled I walk like a man in crutches!
I cannot stand, 
I try to feel with my hand,
Can you help me find my only pair of glasses!?

P.S: The One thing that I can’t live without!!

This post is inspired from Discovers Writing prompts!
Inspiration for Day 9: PAIRS

Click on each link below to see my response to the daily prompts or Click Here to see it all in one place!

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Day 2 : OPEN – Open the Doors!
Day 3 : SONG – Musical Nature
Day 4 : STREET – Children of God
Day 5 : DISH – Savoury!
Day 6 : HANDS – Prisoners’ Hands
Day 7 : BELOW – You Always Speak
Day 8 : CURVE – The Road that Curved!

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5 thoughts on “A blind Man!

  1. It’s the worst feeling. When you have to scrunch up your eyes and search for your only pair of glasses. A very helpless state indeed. And it happens to me a lot. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
    Great take on the prompt, sir.

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