A Delicate Instrument

The Conductor, the nerves and its tendons,
the tune, its intelligence!
The dance of harmony they create!

Deciding the beginning and the end,
the start and the stop,
the perfect coalesce, maintain the balance!

The strings they pull, muscles will work,
The dance of joints,
The movement of music across the veins.

Together like impulses of rhythm,
Synchronizing motions like a chain, 
Eyes wide open, filled with life.

A broken link, a break in motion, 
A beautiful tune, to a horrible noise,
From the head to every corner far!

Invigorating events will cascade,
a simple arm raise, a little wave,
A little slip and pain you'll see!

Timbre, Rhythm, Timing and 
the quantum of scale,
Many times over and over again.

The song breaks line by line,
This Is a symphony in your body,
Your body, delicate instrument!

This post is inspired from Discovers Writing prompts!
Inspiration for Day 10: ORCHESTRATE

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Day 6 : HANDS – Prisoners’ Hands
Day 7 : BELOW – You Always Speak
Day 8 : CURVE – The Road that Curved!
Day 9 : PAIRS – A Blind Man!

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