Dignity in Surrender

They attacked with all their might,
A thousand horses and all their knights.

He knew he had fewer men and
to take them on would be foolish then.

But they were brave and ready to die,
for King and land, forgetting their wives.

The king, he stood thinking of life.
Is this his purpose, to sacrifice lives.

These men would die but their children would cry.
The enemy wanted his head and hype,

To be crushed, lose all his men and their kin
or give up and let them all live.

So he thought like a King that had died ,
made a deal with the foe.
They called him a coward, timid and faint.

Bound in chains he knew he had saved.
Was this his victory or fall from grace?

The women, they stood away from this all,
praying to God to bless his soul!

©2020 Anish Nair | All rights reserved


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