After ten months 

Finally, I felt it!

A lump in my gum,

A glimpse of white,

My mother was happy,

And my dad was proud!

All the excitement,

I knew not why?

What was the point?

She pointed at it,

and everyone looked,

my neighbor, my grandma,

the cute girl next door!

Oh so embarrassing!

When i tried to sleep,

they kept looking at it,

Even when I cried,

So cute they lied!

So annoying this is!

And one day I knew,

what to do!

She tried to touch,

Oh my God! Ouch!

In pain she ran!

And that was how,

I learnt to Bite!

This post is inspired from Discovers Writing prompts!
Inspiration for Day 11: BITE

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Day 7 : BELOW – You Always Speak
Day 8 : CURVE – The Road that Curved!
Day 9 : PAIRS – A Blind Man!
Day 10 : ORCHESTRATE – A Delicate Instrument!

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