Who are you?

Rich, are you now, really,
six feet under, resting in your own peace,
you are not your money!

Ironically intelligence is a claymore,
both ends so sharp, your action will decide,
you are not your knowledge!

Authority over a thousand men
slave to yourself, greed, lust and hatred, 
you are not your power!

Note – Money, Knowledge and Power, the three elements of success, or, are they? The set of three haiku poems is my perspective. What do you think? Feel free to comment below!

Picture Courtesy: Pexels

This post is inspired from Discovers Writing prompt for the month of April!
Inspiration for Day 19 : THREE

Click on each link below to see my response to the daily prompts or Click Here to see it all in one place!

Day 1 : JOKE – A Joke
Day 2 : OPEN – Open the Doors!
Day 3 : SONG – Musical Nature
Day 4 : STREET – Children of God
Day 5 : DISH – Savoury!
Day 6 : HANDS – Prisoners’ Hands
Day 7 : BELOW – You Always Speak
Day 8 : CURVE – The Road that Curved!
Day 9 : PAIRS – A Blind Man!
Day 10 : ORCHESTRATE – A Delicate Instrument!
Day 11 : BITE – Ouch!
Day 12: LIGHT – Here We Are!
Day 13: TEACH – Realize
Day 14: BOOK – In Blindsight!
Day 15: SCENT – Aroma of the Wind
Day 16: SLOW – Oh! My Mornings!
Day 17: DISTANCE – I am War!
Day 18: NEW – Her New Phase!

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3 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Money, Knowledge,Power – the three elements that can be perceived as success. But no amount of money can buy happiness, knowledge is of no use is it isn’t put to good use and power can bring our own downfall if misused.


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