I’m Back!

It's been a year, time flies fast
Immersed in the flow of the clock
How to stop? How to think?
Was lost in a timeless mind block!

The world was limping, injured and lost
livelihood the only aim, the wound became a scar.
Dangers luring as I travel
Unknown to sorrows that lay afar!

And then when all seemed in the past
a sudden wave of desperation crashes,
Wailing noises every minute
Rising counts of bodies, bones and ashes!

Closer it crept, day after day
solitude draped the cruel design,
faster then the season changed
the nation fell down once again.

Back within my four white walls
This time temperatures rose,
fearing for the worst at times
Swabs done and the wait began.

The dreaded fear hit too soon
'Positive'  was a horrible word!
sleep was stolen, and my future too!
The frightened silence of the bird!

Family, friends, and all I knew
What if? What will? and to what degree?
The cards that were so close to me
were on the floor for all to see!

The clock still ticking, moving seconds.
Struggles worsen day by day, 
Every moment passed in fear
The Window shows the world in play!

Soon strength was back And here I was
I know now how close we are
all those noises and counts
suddenly matter more than ever., near or far!!!

Image Courtesy: Pexels

©2021 Anish Nair | All rights reserved


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