The sun escapes behind me
Chased by the grey clouds,
As far away as eyes can see
consuming crowds!
the sky became a gradient,
from orange to black!
The birds went silent,
trying to track back!
A gush of wind, lifts the sand 
from left to right, so hard to stand!
 The first drops of water
a sprinkle so gentle,
and then the spray,
a mist so sentimental.
The sun is lost, and darkness rises,
and finally the downpour,
like memories and surprises,
it should come around more!

(88 words)

Author’s Note:
This was written in response to the Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writting Prompt #158. The challenge was to write a poem or piece of prose using the word “Downpour” (or any of its forms) in exactly 88 words. Thank you, Sammi for hosting this challenge. 🙂

Image Courtesy: Pexels, Sammi Cox

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