Tiny Tale #04 – Where are you?!

Thick smoke covered the cracked roads, that once upon a time saw thousands of footsteps. Today the wailing sound of sirens, and eerie silence, in random patterns, deafened the millions of voices and the sounds of laughter. As you walked down this barren landing, sweating inside your protective suit, difficult to breathe, you saw from … Continue reading Tiny Tale #04 – Where are you?!

Multiple Heartbreaks!

In time I have come to know, That life is a roller coaster, Crawling away from body blows, You know you'll never be the master! Black roses are sweet for sure, The love your shown is always fake, In hatred and darkness you'll live forever, That's the consequence of Multiple heartbreaks! Wake up in a … Continue reading Multiple Heartbreaks!

Tiny Tale #02 – The last goodbye!

Looking at the old photo postcard in her hand, she went back to that sad day. Teary-eyed She had opened the door to see two Navy officers standing with a rusty metal trunk. She moved out of the way, and the men walked in. Carefully they placed the trunk in the middle of the living … Continue reading Tiny Tale #02 – The last goodbye!