A Feather Stick!

Moving smoothly on rainbow dew, Marks like the drops of rain, Memories they renew, Sometimes even comforts pain! Ink like liquid gold, imprints voice forever now, For whats new and all that's old, Keep me in your hands somehow! A bridge from mind to paper, thoughts never lost, Her beauty is what you give her, … Continue reading A Feather Stick!

Oh! My Mornings!

The brutal rays of the sun, tardily burning the skin! Through the window pane, It pierces the silence within! The eyelids are heavy, There's no control, As stiff as a log, dead as a soul! Ten in the morning, Tiredness grows! Peeling from inside, slowly expose! Why does day break? This is a big mistake! … Continue reading Oh! My Mornings!

Aroma of the wind

The sky of the dawn, purple hue of the night, heart of the desert, Fragrance of light! Notes of citrus, being yourself, loving, after hours, dreaming! Follow your instincts, brave adventure, elegant, Seizes the day, confident! Dark wood, determination, Blue ocean, Night mist, personality, celebration! Picture Courtesy: PexelsNote: Each line in the poem is my … Continue reading Aroma of the wind