Tiny Tale #04 – Where are you?!

Thick smoke covered the cracked roads, that once upon a time saw thousands of footsteps. Today the wailing sound of sirens, and eerie silence, in random patterns, deafened the millions of voices and the sounds of laughter. As you walked down this barren landing, sweating inside your protective suit, difficult to breathe, you saw from the corner of your eye the reality. Nothing had changed. People fought against each other for money and food. You can’t see no sadness nor can you see the pain. There is just one emotion – selfish greed.

How did it come to this? We preached and prayed. We still do. But to whom and why? We have no clue. The thoughts grow inside your head. As our world fell apart, we prayed harder. We wanted the earth to be back to what it was. Well, that’s exactly what we are getting. Our greed led us to believe that we owned this world. We prayed harder, and the world slowly tried to free itself from us.

Whatever we did was too little, too insignificant, even as we walked about with our heavy heads. We didn’t realize who we are. A spec of dust. You look at the sky. Standing in a small piece of land, grey and dusty. Broken roads and filthy garbage. Concrete and steel. Slowly your eyes are lost in the skies high above. The cloud covers everything. Slowly the darkness of space creeps in and you see the blue marble. No. It was grey. Lost its shine a long time ago. Far from you, the sun shies away. Where are you? A million stars inching slowly away from you. The grand scheme of things, a milky streak in the sky. Ah! the beautiful galaxy. Where are you? Slowly turn your head, slowly close your eyes, and then look deep inside. Where are you?

Open your eyes, can you see that little spec of dust. No! Look closer. Another galaxy gleams on you. A sun just like ours. Bright red it shines. Circling it, a blue marble. This truly blue. Look closer to the same clouds, blinding white and behind them the beautiful green. Look closer, lush green, and glowing colors beaming with beautiful people. It wasn’t you. They looked a little different. Big golden eyes and strange but beautiful markings on their clear face. Majestic. They moved elegantly. They looked happy. There were no roads, no buildings. What was so different? They lived in the forest. Among the huge trees and big pink flowers, you could see a strange scene. They stood with their arms together. Aha! They prayed too. No. look closer. They paid respect to a fellow living being. The hummingbird happily flew past them. They prayed too!

(466 words)

Author’s Note:
Live and let live.
This post was written in response to Sadje’s What Do You See prompt #37. The challenge is to use the picture prompt as inspiration to compose an original story, poem, or a caption. Thank you Sadje for hosting this challenge.

Image courtesy: Stefan Keller – Pixabay

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