Six Word Story Prompt #07 – Lazy

IN RESPONSE TO – Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #36 – May 2, 2020

– LAZY –

Kills me to wake up early!

Authors Note:
Day 42, and my lock-down world comes to an end tonight! Yes, I’ve been called up to work from tomorrow. Now, the thing is that I need to be in the office at 9 in the morning. All these 42 days the earliest I’ve woken up is 09:00 AM. It’s crazy how the human brain works. Fickle at it’s best. All the days when I was at work, there were days when I longed for those summer vacations like we used to get back at school. During the 42 day vacation (albeit at home) to be honest, there were times when I wished I could just get back to work! And now that tomorrow is the day, I am back where I started, thinking why!? Why office now? Hoping for a smooth sail tomorrow, ciao.

©2020 Anish Nair | All rights reserved


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