Doomed pages I had,
Ink went dry,
Sleeping mind, tired at times,
Confiscated life.
Okay, I thought,
Very well, worth a shot,
Empty hours existed,
Reignite pages.

Prompts came along,
Restless, day after day,
Opening all doors,
Mortal Words I had to say,
Perfectly composed for all to read,
Thirty days passed by,
Silky smooth, and worth the ride!

Author’s Note:
A big thank you to the whole team at Discover for their lovely Prompts, that gave me company for the whole month of April. The small acrostic above is my way of showing my gratitude to this community.

This post is inspired from Discovers Writing prompt for the month of April!
Inspiration for Day 30: GRATEFUL

When I started writing to the prompts on day one I didn’t believe that I would write everyday until day thirty. It’s been an awesome journey, more so since it came at a time when I wanted to reignite this blog of mine. I would like to thank all my friends and followers who have been reading all my responses this month. Your support has kept me going. It has been a pleasure. And I hope to do this again sometime soon. For those of you who are new here do click Here to see all of my responses to the Discover Prompts for the month of April!

The Lock-down, here in India, continues into day 38. Hope everyone is safe and sound. Take care!

Image Courtesy: Pexels

Click on each link below to see my response to the daily prompts or Click Here to see it all in one place!

Day 1 : JOKE – A Joke
Day 2 : OPEN – Open the Doors!
Day 3 : SONG – Musical Nature
Day 4 : STREET – Children of God
Day 5 : DISH – Savoury!
Day 6 : HANDS – Prisoners’ Hands
Day 7 : BELOW – You Always Speak
Day 8 : CURVE – The Road that Curved!
Day 9 : PAIRS – A Blind Man!
Day 10 : ORCHESTRATE – A Delicate Instrument!
Day 11 : BITE – Ouch!
Day 12: LIGHT – Here We Are!
Day 13: TEACH – Realize
Day 14: BOOK – In Blindsight!
Day 15: SCENT – Aroma of the Wind
Day 16: SLOW – Oh! My Mornings!
Day 17: DISTANCE – I am War!
Day 18: NEW – Her New Phase!
Day 19: THREE – Who are you?
Day 20: MUSIC – The Background Score!
Day 21: INSTRUMENT – A feather stick!
Day 22: TEMPO – Fast and Slow
Day 23: NOTE – A note for you!
Day 24: ELIXIR – Hazing and High!
Day 25: MAGIC – The Disappearing Act!
Day 26: HIDDEN – Hide and Seek!
Day 27: TEAM – The Fantastic Five!
Day 28: FOCUS – Out of Focus!
Day 29: LIST – Home Sweet Home!

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