The Disappearing Act!

Welcome to the show, 
lets take it a little slow,
Juggling, card tricks, coins and knives,
Vanishing, was one more to show!

And then I see my father
his face, like always, so cold!
He never thought I'd make it
my hands he'd never hold!

I once had seen my father
make invisible, a little child,
"You'll never be as good as me"
but for years and years I tried!

Balls and bricks, 
the juggler's clock,
one by one I mastered them all,
Now came the time for shock.

One day I knew I had to try,
a thing with flesh, blood and mind,
and so the bunny in the hat,
I thought it was just the kind!

I focused my mind, 
time slowed down,
I snapped my fingers,
and turned around!

The bunny was no more in the hat,
a loud cheer and endless claps,
but alas, when I went home that night,
A pool of blood, my rabbit collapse!

I knew my father would have smiled,
Nothing else mattered at all,
Tomorrow was the grand finale,
I wanted him to see it all!

There I'll vanish the little child
Just like he had done before!
"My son, You've made be proud",
he'd say, this for sure, maybe more!

Welcome back to the show,
My last act is the best of all.
I stared at my father,
and then the girl, so small.

I focus my mind,
time slows down,
I snap my fingers,
and turn around!

Even louder cheers and endless clap
But my father was on his feet,
He looked worried, 
I may have achieved his feat!

I stared at him arrogant and proud,
Suddenly a girl screamed from behind,
As everyone ran to see the horror,
My fathers eyes were in my mind!

He looked at me, and snapped his fingers
Down I fell onto the floor,
Only a true magician knew,
The things that vanish lived no more!

Image Courtesy: H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock, via Getty Images

This post is inspired from Discovers Writing prompt for the month of April!
Inspiration for Day 25 : MAGIC

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