A note to you!

How could I fail to note, 
from my window pane, 

a little bird, on the field
Years ago, she looked the same!

But, No song did she have to sing,
forlorn she looked, unknown to me!

I gently spoke to her, 
not to create any fear

Why don't you sing, 
like you used to, dear,

you left us all in sadness and
now there's still no smile

Why don't you sing,
you little one!?

In sweet song 
She let me know, 

I wish you knew more, my friend
I'm here tonight, 'cos your at home, 

I'm sitting here, enjoying the show
My world, reborn once more!

I'm happy, yes, for sure,
but for how long, I do not know!

You my friend will never learn
this I do certainly know.

I'm here today, since you're at war, 
This will never be enough

Greed will eventually show its face,
You know, you are what you are.

crippling health you will not care,
You will be spoiling my earth again,

And then I'll say good day once more,
And fly off to another place!

I stared at her, 
stunned by what I heard,

I wanted to speak 
But where are the words?

The sky had grown the blackest black, 
and the wind had fast picked up her speed!

I turned to her one last time,
but alas, she had flown away!

Oh! That beautiful innocent face of few,
Tell me my friend, Did you notice her too?

Note: I was pleasantly surprised that I saw a sparrow from my window this evening. It has been years since I last saw these little birds here in Bangalore. This was a small tribute to her. God Bless!

Picture Courtesy: Pexels

This post is inspired from Discovers Writing prompt for the month of April!
Inspiration for Day 23 : NOTE

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©2020 Anish Nair | All rights reserved


4 thoughts on “A note to you!

  1. So true. Nature is slowly regaining her health. But once this lockdown is lifted, will we damage her even more? Beautifully penned, sir. I’m yet to see any sparrows here. But I’m glad that they are making a comeback in some part of this city.

    Liked by 1 person

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