The Background Score!

The music played, 
a little mellow tune, 

the dagger went through the heart, 
the beat was clear, the rhythm perfect, 

the second stab to the chest, 
the muted cry of death, 

and the music played, 
a little mellow tune!

the body fell,
thud on the ground,
flow of red river, 
his hand did not but shiver, 

nor did his mind wander, 
he coolly wiped the blade, 

and dusted his jacket, 
his job was done, 

tapped his shoes and, 
walked out the open door,
and the music played,
a little mellow tune! 

Picture Courtesy: Pexels

This post is inspired from Discovers Writing prompt for the month of April!
Inspiration for Day 20 : MUSIC

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Day 7 : BELOW – You Always Speak
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Day 13: TEACH – Realize
Day 14: BOOK – In Blindsight!
Day 15: SCENT – Aroma of the Wind
Day 16: SLOW – Oh! My Mornings!
Day 17: DISTANCE – I am War!
Day 18: NEW – Her New Phase!
Day 19: THREE – Who are you?

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