50 Followers! 50 Friends! Thank you all!

March 23rd, this year, I rekindled started my blog. I had 2 posts before that and no followers. Now, just about 23 days later, I have a family! Yes, I have you guys! 50 friends! 50 Followers on WordPress! I am taking this opportunity to express my gratitude to all of you! Thank you all so much! You are all truly amazing! Your support and feedback keeps this journey going!

Here’s a little shout out from me to all of you!
srijan, TishGirl❤️, Harman Kaur, Celia Hales, Shweta Suresh, NAMMALIFE, Priyendu Nair, the pretty poems, Tomic Riter, Sue, Cindi, TheHiddenEdge, jayashri11, sidrian, Dilip Kannaiah, Phoebe, MD: Medicine + Poetry, astrodreaming, Cristian Mihai, The Godly Chic Diaries, daybreaknews.com.ng, george agak, Kelly Curtis, Upashna, Blogging101, Veronica, Jordan Peters, poetryfest, Innerdialects, SnowHearT, Srujani, aclichestory, LDW, Art of Blogging, eyewillnotcry1973, Vee Aozoraa, Asefestrada98, Nandika Bansal, Tangie T. Woods, Iqra Zaman Kayani, Shaunak, creativalygab, Dr. Perry, Anonymously Hal, Stine Writing, WUPPLES®, GA, SIMRAN TOTLANI, ninjawarrior83, C. Curiosity

For people who are just joining me make sure you visit each of my followers! I am sure you wont regret it! I wish you become a part of the family too. If you want to get started you can read my most viewed post here, or read my most liked post here!

I will hope to keep entertaining you! Thank you all once again! God bless!
Stay Safe! Peace!

©2020 Anish Nair | All rights reserved


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