Here We Are!

Shallow land,
weak feet,
grains of sand,
hearts still beat!

Walking straight
into a hole,
unforgiving state,
you have no control.

lost on the globe,
dust in the sky,
tragedy and hope,
so lofty and high!

walls of black stone,
roof of dark grease,
each step alone,
some resting in peace!

sound of ambulance,
stuck in a garage,
Far away, bright luminance,
the oasis, or mirage!

like the face of a friend,
feelings through a funnel 
darkness at a dead end, 
or, light at the end of the tunnel

This post is inspired from Discovers Writing prompt for the month of April!
Inspiration for Day 12: LIGHT

Click on each link below to see my response to the daily prompts or Click Here to see it all in one place!

Day 1 : JOKE – A Joke
Day 2 : OPEN – Open the Doors!
Day 3 : SONG – Musical Nature
Day 4 : STREET – Children of God
Day 5 : DISH – Savoury!
Day 6 : HANDS – Prisoners’ Hands
Day 7 : BELOW – You Always Speak
Day 8 : CURVE – The Road that Curved!
Day 9 : PAIRS – A Blind Man!
Day 10 : ORCHESTRATE – A Delicate Instrument!
Day 11 : BITE – Ouch!

©2020 Anish Nair | All rights reserved


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