Reckoning of time

Look into your reflection,
Why do you stand?
What do you seek?
How different are you?
The sun comes up like always,
The planet crosses to the far side,
There are no dates, no ways,
No calendar to guide,
The trees, the rivers and the oceans,
They are all aware of time,
What good do you think are emotions?
Do you think they’ll fall in line?

Forget the moment,
For, I am the clock,
and even the time.
As I burn, I leave you in shock.
The candle your mother gave,
Close to your chest you hold.
You are still my slave,
You are being controlled!
Your dream and their sisters
Kneel down and pray.
Can’t you here my whispers?
I am the one you fear, they say!

One night you want to live your life,
You never want to be missed!
What is the purpose, is a strife!
Are you sure you even exist?

Β©2020 Anish Nair | All rights reserved


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