Mortal Mourning!

Feel the Wind blowing,
Watching the trees swaying,
There is no crowd, There is no noise,
Everything, it slowly destroys!

Invisible eyes, behind closed doors,
It searches to settle scores.
Scared and hungry,
State and Country.

Show me the Super Powers,
New graves covered with flowers,
Show me the rich,
Crawling inch-by-inch.

Do you still have strength?
Do you still have hope?
The evil finds it difficult to breathe,
Locked up in cages, they cry from beneath.

Reboot. Restart. Reset. Reload.
Four legs set free on the empty road.
Hey, look there they fly,
In the cool blue of the sky!

Everything gets buried, pride and greed,
She’s busy sowing her new seed.
Everyone counts, April, May, then June,
P.S. Get well soon!!


Β©2020 Anish Nair | All rights reserved

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